Monday, September 24, 2012

OBGYN Rotation

OBGYN rotation - Dr Upputuri - A-

This is a great rotation with a great Doctor. Dr Upputuri does not only know his stuff and is up to date on all recent news in his field ( unlike other doctors at adventist), but he is an easy going, and fun to be around. He is super well rounded. Who would have that this indian doctor loves plumbing! In this rotation the busy work is cut out like taking HPI and CC so you have more time for learning. He is not difficult at all to approach at all or intimidating like other doctors i have rotated with and he encourages learning and asking questions. He often went out of his way to teach us. Surgery at the hospital is good too, he does many different procedures for which 1 student is always able to scrub in. I went to his office 3-4 times a week. If you want to see more procedures just ask and you can go with him on the weekends aswell. I have come out of rotation with a a very good handle on OB since that was most of our patient population and i also preferred that over GYN. It was awesome that the people working at the office were all so nice and helpful. The patient population was 50% spanish speaking. My advice for impressing this doctor/ getting him to like you is know your stuff for the rotation, and be able to have discussions in terms of current world and US politics... prob wouldn't hurt for you to be a republican either. Haha. I give this rotation a A- jst because sometimes there was a lot of down time being a male. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

feedback for rotations thus far in chicago - Hinsdale Hospital

so  I am half way through my core rotations and there have been some good and bad things about my experience. The good is that i have all my rotations in one spot - through Adventist HINSDALE HOSPITAL, unlike many of the other students. And the bad, well there is always a bad side... we are a caribbean school still working out kinks!

So Im not going to mention the bad Dr's but you can ask me via email - I have done my family, internal and pediatric rotations thus far.

Family - DR xyz - C+  : i wasnt challenged at all, and my hospital exposure was terrible, what little I had.

Internal medicine - Dr's Rauf/Udani/Ahmed- B+ Amazing, if you haven't had a chance to rotate with these guys, I highly suggest taking a these guys as an elective course. The reason why i gave it a B+ was that being with nephrologist, obviously 90% of what i learned about through them involved the kidneys. this being my internal medicine rotation, that was kind of a bummer. I didnt get the proper exposure i thought i would get in this rotation. On the upside, these doctors are amazing at what they do. Each doctor has his own swagger. I learned different things from each of them. It helps a lot that they are not old traditional doctors, they are young and motivated doctors who care a lot about their patients and work their butts off. TONS OF HOSPITAL TIME. If you do happen to have an internal medicine rotation with them, you will know your renal so well and your hospital skills will be off the chain. They treat you like a resident and you are expected to perform like one. be prepared these guys will challenge in every way possible

Pediatrics - Dr Downing - A- : Great doctor, super nice and passionate about what she does. Reason why its an A- is because I wish i had more hospital time.  The clinic, one on one time and leanring with her was like no other doctor i have been with. She really wants to help and teach you every way she can. A doctor that actually goes the extra mile with the student!


Step 1 relfection

So after hitting Maine in the final semester before rotations, the general consensus was from our class was that we were very under prepared for the step. Coming from the Caribbean from schools other than the top 4 down there.... aka UMHS, students should plans on teaching themselves a lot of the material to prepare for step 1. The passing kaplan exam should be raised from 54 to atleast 60 % in my opinion. While studying for step 1 i dont even recommend starting usmle world until you have gone through kaplan twice. A really valuable resource that i missed out on was PATHOMA. Dont waste your money with DIT, atleast form my experience it didnt help me very much.... i got the program for free, although it seemed like a waste of my time. The pass program proves beneficial to many students.... but its also 7k$ or something. My honest opinon to you, know your path like crazy.. via pathoma and make sure you cram psych before the exam because it is easily forgotten and over looked, it can really help boost your grade, and it def helped me out alot. Goodluck. on to step 2 and my core rotations. ...


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hey guys, random update but i recently won a DIT contest. i made it in 2 horus with radnom footage i had on my comp after my block tests, check it out

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ye ai know i have been busy an di havent had a chance to update this website much, but here is an update at the royal. Roaches in my room. im staying in a guest room right now.... until they spray my room.. which i feel like they wont ever get around to doing... anyways there are roaches here too, atleast they arent 3-4 inches long like they are in my old room

Saturday, September 26, 2009

pride of india vs star of india

Pride is better food and enviroment, although star seems to have a better display... not by much though. You do get rice with your meal at star but you get more naan for your buck at pride. Star is a tad more expensive but it is about the same. conclusion is always go to pride and never go to star :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

White Coat Ceremony - Sept 09 - UMHS University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Night before White Coat. Ceremony. Sickest Iron in the game..

me take pride in me iron. For 99EC, mi cop di sickes iron pon de island mon!

technical difficulties on de island mon

the infamous taxi driver, jason, had issues going up the biggest hill in Birdrock because he had 14 people in his car. Then on top of that, the door broke...

Friday, September 4, 2009

GOING TO SCHOOL FOR ORIENTATION AT UMHS (University of Medicine and Health Sciences)

So today was orienattion. We were told a bus was coming to pick us up at 7:45 am... Most of us expected a few small vans to come get us from Royal St. Kitts.... boy we were in for a surprise. check it out! PARTY  BUS!

 (Luke and Rachael infront of Bob and Elvis's party bus!!)